My name is Marie-Pierre Renaud. I am a graduate student of anthropology and a geek. I live in Quebec city. THAT SORT OF THING is a collection of my own thoughts on a variety of topics. In French and English.

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Head over here ot know more about the purpose of this blog!

You may also read my work on The Geek Anthropologist, a community blog where geek culture and its many areas of interest are analysed through the perspective of socio-cultural anthropology. There I write about definitions of geek identity, the representation of ethnic groups in science-fiction, or the fake geek girl debate, among other things.

I published sporadically on NOT YOUR USUAL FOLKLORE, where I examine the stereotypes about indigenous cultures, be they positive or negative, and present a collection of very short pieces on contemporary indigenous arts, musics, design, fashion, activism, decolonization attempts, and many more fascinating topics.

Please note that all items on this website are COPYRIGHT to me, all rights reserved, except if otherwise noted. You may freely reference images, posts and other contents published on this website but I kindly ask that you attribute them to me. You may not alter or transform the items, textual or graphic, found on this website. 


To learn more about me, check my About.me page or my Gravatar.


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