I Can’t Keep Up With Twitter

Tweet tweet! by Id iom

And I don’t want to try.

I know I probably should. It would be incredibly useful if I mastered the art of tweeting, if only to promote The Geek Anthropologist more efficiently. After all, one of the reasons why I created that blog was to connect with anthropologists who share my interest for geek culture and pop culture at large.

But I simply can’t get the grip of it. It seems that those who have mastered the art of tweeting:

  • take the time to craft unique, interesting tweets;
  • tweet several times a day;
  • engage in dialogue;
  • give shout outs to their Twitter peers;
  • develop strategies to invite new followers (such as contests);
  • have either lot of time on their hands or Twitter alerts on their phone.

After years of trying to master these techniques, I still can’t get more than a few hundred people to follow the Twitter account of TGA.

Of course, I certainly follow to the best of my abilities much of the advice other experienced bloggers share, such as the excellent advice that can be found on The Daily Post. But I simply don’t have the time to keep a constant or even frequent presence on Twitter. I use Buffer to schedule tweets and post to the blog’s Google+ and Facebook pages. And I never really did invest much time in developing a clear plan to increase traffic to the blog, much less follow it, because I was already so busy with other blogging tasks. Dozens of bookmarks are gathering dust in my ”Social Media” bookmark file.

Conclusion: I need help. I don’t particularly enjoy using social media on a regular basis, and I am busy with other tasks. So finding someone to take TGA’s social media accounts in charge will be a huge help. In any case, I took the decision to turn TGA into a community blog because I enjoy working with people so much more than working alone. I know my own strenghts and that is what I want to focus on. Ultimately, it will make the blog much better.

And hopefully we can find a community manager who does get Twitter.


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